DiVino is raising a glass this month to support Community Word Project and the #RaiseMyVoice campaign!

For 20 years, Community Word Project has been training teaching artists and placing them in underserved public schools throughout the New York City area.  The mission is to improve reading and writing skills, and foster a strong sense of self, creative and critical-thinking skills, and the tools to communicate in a competitive world.

DiVino is proud to sit on the associate board of this magnificent organization! We have seen real results in our students, many of whom are not native English speakers. We watched them develop not only their language skills, but also self-confidence and the ability to listen and lead through collaborate art projects.

As a creative agency, DiVino participates in multi-faceted marketing and brand storytelling.  Writing, music, video and live engagement are part of what we do! Our founder, Annie owes her career to the vibrant arts and humanities curriculum at her public school, and a family that instilled a love and appreciate for the arts and self-expression.

You can help DiVino support this initiative in lots of  ways!

Visit participating restaurants and raise a glass to arts education! Bread & Tulips and Peque who will be offering a wine specials to benefit the #RaiseMyVoice campaign. And even a few more!

What’s better than drinking for a good cause?

Follow Annie on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook for updates on wine specials and where to find them!

Donate directly HERE.

Thanks for your support!

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