Omaze just wrapped up a sweepstakes to support Onward Together, and the prize is priceless! A night out with Hillary Clinton herself, a glass of wine (She’ll be sipping Chardonnay), and a Broadway show. Fundraising appeals to our selfless better selves, but a little incentive never hurts!

I entered the drawing of course, but why leave things to chance?

Dear Hillary,  My name is Annie B. Shapero. I am a sommelier and wine consultant in New York City. This is my little company, DiVino!  I teach wine classes, organize wine tasting events, and wine parties, and I do a lot of wine writing, marketing and translation. I believe in the power of scent (and flavor) to inspire emotion, conversation and community. When we engage our senses, we are more alive.

I would love to share a glass of Chardonnay with you and see a Broadway show!  I would also be fine with just the Chardonnay and a good long talk about how we can actually make a difference within our communities.

Love, Annie

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