DiVino Wine School is at it again with a hot new video about Spanish Wine Tasting!

There is more to Spanish wine than Rioja and Cava. But we all knew that right? There’s Albariño and Garnacha of course, and don’t about for get about Sherry…

But something I discovered a few years ago and recently remembered, is a spicy red wine from the Canary Islands.  The growing area lends itself to all kinds of distinctive wine characteristics.  It’s an island for one, which means a lot of sea breezy salty mineral notes. It’s also hot and sunny which packs the grapes with sugar and heat (alcohol). The isolated growing area means old vines, which yield a more complex spectrum of flavors, and the soil itself is volcanic, which adds to the smoky spiciness of the wine.

The grapes are predominately Listan Negro and Tintilla. Traditionally the wines are produced in a medium, fruit-forward way, not unlike Beaujolais. The heat and mineral components really add body and complexity to the wines making them at once easy to drink but a little intense.

At the end I did a little wine pairing. No surprise, I tried the wine with a Spanish cheese, aged Manchego. The dry red wine really balanced the fattiness of the cheese, and in return, the cheese helped exalt the spice and fruit flavors. Simple but great combination, and culturally relevant. What grows together goes together.

The wine we tasted: Frontón de Oro Tradicional Tinto

This video an introduction to wine tasting for beginners with a little something for wine connoisseurs too. Don’t hesitate to ask me any questions!


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