What is Fortified Wine? – Day 20

WATCH on YouTube. What is fortified wine? Sherry, Port, and Marsala are all examples of fortified wine. Learn about how they are made and how…

Definition of Dessert Wine

Definition of Dessert Wine – Day 19

marco carpineti winery

Marco Carpineti Winery


Long Island Wine in Italy

Watch on YouTube. Long Island and Lieb Cellars in Lazio We took a few bottles of local Long Island wine, Lieb Cellars Pinot Blanc to…

chilean wine guide

Chilean Wine Guide: History and Wine Regions of Chile

Andrew and Chris Cuomo Call Mom

Andrew and Chris Cuomo: There’s Always Time to Call Mom

Learn About Rosé Wine – Day 18

WATCH on Youtube. Learn about rosé wine! How it is made, what the color can tell you, and how to taste it and talk about…

old world new world wine

Old World New World Wine – Day 17

Terroir Definition for Wine

Terroir Definition for Wine – Day 16

How to Taste Wine Step by Step – Day 15

WATCH on Youtube. Learn how to taste wine step by step on Day 15. In this episode we put together everything we have learned so…

mineral notes in wine

Mineral Notes in Wine – Day 14