super bowl food and wine pairings

Top 10 Super Bowl Food and Wine Pairings

Super bowl food and wine paring is a great way to enjoy the game, even if you don’t care who’s playing. While the boys are…

marchesi alfieri winery

Marchesi Alfieri Winery

learn about acidity in wine.

Learn About Acidity In Wine – Day 10

trump tariffs punish all americans

Tariffs Punish All Americans. Not Just Wine.

An Economy of Imports Tariffs are taxes on imported goods. The resale of imported goods, from machine parts to citrus is a bedrock of the…

sweet versus dry wine

Sweet Versus Dry Wine – Day 9

intensity and complexity of aroma

Day 8 – Intensity and Complexity of Aroma

how will tariffs affect you

How Will Tariffs Affect You?

This is NOT OVER. The “Tariff Truce” the media has been covering, ONLY APPLIES TO CHAMPAGNE. Stay informed. If you or someone you love works…

oregon wine regions

Oregon Wine Regions: A Guide

london cheese hotel

London Cheese Hotel Opens January 2020

barrel aging wine

Barrel Aging Wine: Wood 101

What is Barrel Aging in Wine Making? Barrel aging is a process of aging wine in small, medium, or large-sized bottles after fermentation and before…

trump tariffs punish all americans

Tariffs Punish Americans