21 Days to Wine

21 Days to Wine

A free, 21-episode introduction to wine tasting with sommelier and DiVino founder, Annie B. Shapero.

Introduction To Wine Tasting

Introduction to Wine Tasting – Day 1

Learn How To Smell Wine

Learn How to Smell Wine – Day 2

Colors of White Wine – Day 3

how does wine get its color?

Colors of Red Wine – Day 4

Sparkling Wine Making Process – Day 5

Legs in Wine Tasting – Day 6

aromatic grape varieties

Aromatic Grape Varieties – Day 7

intensity and complexity of aroma

Intensity and Complexity of Aroma – Day 8

sweet versus dry wine

Sweet Versus Dry Wine – Day 9

learn about acidity in wine.

Learn About Acidity In Wine – Day 10

what are tannins in wine

What Are Tannins in Wine – Day 11

full and light body wine

Full and Light Body Wine – Day 12

what is a long finish in wine tasting

What is a Long Finish in Wine Tasting – Day 13

mineral notes in wine

Mineral Notes in Wine – Day 14

How to Taste Wine Step by Step

How to Taste Wine Step by Step – Day 15

Terroir Definition for Wine

Terroir Definition for Wine – Day 16

old world new world wine

Old World New World Wine – Day 17

Learn about rose wine

Learn About Rosé Wine – Day 18

Definition of Dessert Wine

Definition of Dessert Wine – Day 19

what is fortified wine

What is Fortified Wine? – Day 20

learn how to pair food and wine

Learn How to Pair Food and Wine – Day 21