If You Were a Wine What Wine Would You Be?

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People ask me this question all the time, and it’s a lot more fun to answer than “What is you favorite wine?” That one never garners a satisfying reply, but when it comes to personality, wine has plenty.

I asked soccer player, Claudio Marchisio.

Not in person, but it was almost the next best thing. Thanks to good people at Greetzly, I received a video message from my favorite footballer and donated money to a children’s hospital in Milan. That’s right, Greetzly has created a revolutionary platform for philanthropy that feeds on our celebrity worship. It’s pay-to-play stalking for a good cause!

If I were a wine I would be a Barolo.

Claudio Marchisio Sent Me a Video Message.

It’s simple process.

  • First you choose from a host of celebrities who have volunteered their time and privacy in the name of a cause or charity of their choosing.
  • Then, you pledge the minimum donation.
  • You send a message to your celebrity crush or role model. And wait.
  • If your celebrity replies in 24 hours with a personalized video that is yours for life, they charge your card and everybody wins!

Claudio Marchisio Would be a Barolo. This is why.

Piedmontese born and raised, Claudio went for a local pairing, the king of wines and the wine of kings, Barolo. But he doesn’t stop there! Claudio Marchisio took this wine pairing challenge very seriously.

I age well, like Barolo. I’m very intense.

I agree 100%. Here’s to you Claudio, doing your part to make the world a little better.

Annie Shapero

Certified sommelier and DiVino founder, Annie believes that the language of wine is more than vocabulary. It is history, culture and most of all, storytelling. She created DiVino as a writer, educator, and wine consultant to bring those stories to life and give people the tools to join the conversation. Watch her free, 21-episode introduction to wine tasting on Youtube, 21 Days to Wine.

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