london cheese hotel

London Cheese Hotel Opens January 2020

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Bad news for resolute London travelers intent on cutting down on their cheese intake. Beloved bistro Café Rouge has opened the world’s first cheese hotel, in homage to their frommage-laden menu offerings.

Brie Our Guest

The Cheese Suite will include cheese-themed decor, cheddar-yellow walls included, as well as a dedicated cheese hotline for when those late-night craving hit. Who are we kidding? That number works 24 hours a day.

Cheddar Get Moving!

The only catch to this little slice of heaven is the concept is a limited edition. The Cheese Suite will only remain open for ONE WEEK, from 29 January to 6 February 2020. Nine lucky winners and their guests will be invited to stay the night.

The (Cheese)Stakes are High

To enter, you’ll need to email [email protected] and register your interest. Dates of stay will be allocated at random.