Marchesi Alfieri Winery

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A storied past with deep roots in Asti, Piemonte, the Marchesi Alfieri winery has been in the family for centuries. Four centuries to be exact.

Family History

The Alfieri family has been living and farming on the property since 1616. The castle on the grounds has seen the comings and going of notable characters straight from the Italian history books, including Camillo Cavour, a leader in the Italian unification movement, and among other things a true wine connoisseur who is believed to have cultivated the first planting of Pinot Noir on Italian soil, not far from here.

Winery History

The Marchesi Alfieri winery is located in San Martino Alfieri nestled on 51 acres within the gentle slopes on the border between the Asti and Alba provinces. The family has been producing wine since 1696. Since 1983 the winery and all operations came under the control of three sisters, Emanuela, Antonella e Giovanna. in 1999 they brought famed wine consultant Marco Olivero on board to lead production.

Wine Production

The winery produces a modest 130,000 bottles approximately, with a focus on historically local and indigenous grapes, elegantly structured and characteristically Piedmontese, with an emphasis on terroir and the distinctive varietal characteristic of each grape. Minimal and strategic barrel aging is utilized for elegance and structure.

The Vineyards

The majority of the vineyards are planted with Barbera. The remaining plots with Pinot Nero, Grignolino, and Nebbiolo. Over the course of centuries a natural selection has enabled the family to isolate particular areas best suited for each grape variety.

The Wines

Alfiera (Barbera)

100% Barbera from a select harvest. The wine is fermented on the skins for up to 20 days for maximum extraction. It is barrel aged in Allier and Tronçais barriques and barrels.

Blanc de Noir Pinot Nero Metodo Classico

100% Pinot Nero grapes from a select harvest. Classic method winemaking. Temperature-controlled fermentation to preserve aromas. Second fermentation in the bottle for 24 months minimum.

Costa Quaglia (Nebbiolo)

100% Nebbiolo grapes from a select harvest. Maximum of 15 days fermentation on the skins at a semi-controlled temperature. Malolactic fermentation in oak. Barrel aging in Allier and Tronçais barriques and barrels.

La Tota (Barbera)

100% Barbera blended from different plots with diverse exposition and age. The blend is different each year at the winemakers discretion. Barrel aging in Allier and Tronçais barriques and barrels.

San Germano (Pinot Nero)

100% Pinot Nero, the same clone that was originally introduced in the 1800s by Cavour and planted on the property. Following a soft crush the wine is fermented for 10-12 days on the skins and aged in 500L barrels.

Sansoero (Grignolino)

Select harvest Grignolino 100%. Soft crush and temperature controlled pre-fermentation on the skin for up to a week followed by a short alcoholic fermentation of 1-2 days.

Sostegno (Barbera and Nebbiolo)

A blend of Nebbiolo and Barbera. 10-12 days of fermentation on the skins separately, aging in stainless steel, and blended in springtime.

Winery Visits and Hospitality

The castle, winery, and surrounding grounds also host seven guest rooms scattered throughout the property. Stay the night, tour the park, taste wines and immerse yourself in full local flavor.

Interested in booking a stay? Info here.

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