Full and Light Body Wine – Day 12

WATCH on YouTube. Today’s episode answers the question, what is full and light body wine? We’ll tackle the weight of the wine on your palate…

eau ditalie perfume brand story

Eau d’Italie Perfume Brand Story

what are tannins in wine

What Are Tannins in Wine – Day 11

how will tariffs affect you

How Will Tariffs Affect You?

This is NOT OVER. The “Tariff Truce” the media has been covering, ONLY APPLIES TO CHAMPAGNE. Stay informed. If you or someone you love works…

A Wail and a Whisper, or How I learned to Love Le Labo: Perfume Review

marchesi alfieri winery

Marchesi Alfieri Winery

Learn About Acidity In Wine – Day 10

WATCH on YouTube. Learn about acidity in wine on Day 10. Where does acidity in wine come from? How do you evaluate it, and why…

oregon wine regions

Oregon Wine Regions: A Guide

sweet versus dry wine

Sweet Versus Dry Wine – Day 9

london cheese hotel

London Cheese Hotel Opens January 2020

Bad news for resolute London travelers intent on cutting down on their cheese intake. Beloved bistro CafĂ© Rouge has opened the world’s first cheese hotel,…