Tariffs Punish Americans

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Tariffs are not paid by Europeans. They are a tax on Americans. You and me.  I made this video to demonstrate how many people could lose their jobs if 100% tariffs on European imports are enacted.

Act Now!

Make your voice heard with a comment on the Regulations.gov. Do this TODAY.

Go to the upper right and click the COMMENT NOW button. Let the US government know how this will affect you personally. It’s not just about paying more for wine. It is your livelihood or the financial devastation of hundreds of thousands of Americans.

Contact Your Congressional Representatives.

No taxation without representation! Call your legislators and let them know how you feel.

Ask them to support a stay on the implementation of 100% proposed tariffs on European goods so that Congress can continue to hold hearings on the devastating effects on such an action. Read transcripts from earlier hearings on January 7th for expert commentary how tariffs will ravage industries. Transcripts from January 8th.



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Video Transcript

This is a very urgent message. Please watch, share and take action.

My name is Annie Shapero. I’m a certified sommelier and the founder of DiVino, a wine consulting and communications company based in New York City.

When I’m not teaching wine classes, live or online, I work with wine companies to market their products and tell their stories to American consumers.

Today, my job prospects are at risk, because people I work with, AMERICAN people could lose everything if the proposed tariffs on European goods go into effect tomorrow, as planned.

Down below and on the DiVino blog are easy actions you can take TODAY. US trade representatives want to hear your voices.

You are used to me holding a glass of wine and telling you what it looks like, smells, tastes like and why.

In this glass are the just a few of the names of people I know personally who could lose everything.

100% tariffs on European wine and other goods are the proposed retaliation for a European Digital Services Tax aimed at Internet giants like Facebook, Google, and Amazon, as well a US response to European subsidies for Airbus, a Boeing competitor.

These tariffs include more than wine, but also spirits, olive oil, coffee, cheeses, meats, and leather goods.

The goal of the tariffs is to intimidate France the EU at large by hindering their ability to sell products in the USA, so that American companies like Boeing, Amazon, Facebook, and Google can earn even more over there.

However, there are booming markets in Asia, China primarily. Even South America. Europeans can and will sell their products somewhere else.  This will be hard on for the smallest wine producers in Europe. The big ones, the corporate conglomerates like LVMH, those wealthiest and most politically influencer wine producers will NOT SUFFER. THEREFORE THEY WILL NOT Lobby the EU to negotiate with the USA.

Tariffs are not paid by Europeans. They are a tax on Americans. A huge hidden tax paid by American consumers with higher prices and by American workers, in the form of lower pay and job layoffs

Americans come from all over the world. We have centuries-old import/export relationships and have a built a massive supply-chain economy based on imported goods and domestic design, manufacturing, distribution, sales, and marketing.

That purse you love that was designed in Brooklyn was likely manufactured abroad.  The phone in your hand? That sure didn’t start on American soil.

If you buy a bottle of Chianti from a retail store in America, or order a bottle of Barolo at a Restaurant, you did not buy it directly from Italy. You bought it from a U.S. retailer or restaurant owner, probably a small business, who bought it from an American distributor, via an American Importer. The vast majority of profits on that bottle of wine remain in the USA.

American import and distribution laws are highly regulated, which means a wine importer cannot simply turn around and import furniture or marble.

Half a million jobs could be affected by these tariffs. For wine alone: 47,000 retailers.  6,400 importers and distributors combined employ 1 and a half million Americans.

Add to that thousands of restaurants, especially French, Italian restaurants that make their margins on wine sales. With added food costs as well, they are unlikely to survive the price increases and will lay off chefs, servers, managers, line cooks, hosts and bussers, event coordinators.

You might be thinking we can replace all of these products domestically. Drink American wine or eat American cheese.

1) American wine and cheese, so matter how delicious they are, simply cannot offer the same price, quantities, or distinctive qualities of European products. If they could, we wouldn’t have such a vibrant trade with Europe in the first place.

2)  American wineries are required, BY OUR OWN LAWS, to have channels of distribution. The same companies that distribute European wines, distribute California wines, Oregon wines and New York wines throughout the country. Small and mid-size American wineries depend on their distributors to get their wines on the shelf and on tables. They will lose access to a nation-wide market when distributors suffer or shut down.

3) Lastly, consumers have choices. That is the American free market we are supposed be living in. We fought for independence because an authoritarian government was imposing unsustainable taxes.  No taxation without representation!

Tariffs are not paid by Europeans. They are a tax on Americans. You and me.  

You can make your voice heard. The United States Trade Representatives WANT to hear from you.  It’s easy, and I explain it below and on the DiVino Blog.

It is, without hyperbole, that I tell you that the proposed tariffs would be the greatest

threat to the wine industry since Prohibition in 1919.  

The domino effect of unintended consequences from the proposed tariffs would be catastrophic  for tens of thousands of American businesses.

Ben Aneff

Managing Partner, Tribeca Wine Merchants