Experienced  (published/ credited) translator specialized in the areas of food, wine, travel and culture. All text accepted. Pricing by the word. Initial and final consultation included. Simultaneous translation negotiable.
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In today’s global economy English language texts are more important than ever. While DiVino focuses mainly on wine, food and travel translations, we have provided live interpreting services in NYC, as well as translated portions of novels and short stories.

We completed a major portion of the 2012 edition of Bibenda’s Duemila Vini, a comprehensive guide to award-winning Italian wines complete with winery profiles, technical information and tasting notes.

We also offer English Language Copy Editing, a unique and cost-effective way to polish your existing Italian-English translations and make a professional impression. Because we are also fluent in Italian, we understand where language errors originate. We can spot false friends a mile away and revise your idiomatic expressions to give your English texts a more authoritative tone. We revised text for an international law firm as well as company biographies for Alma Wines.

We offer this service for virtually any type of writing, from legal documents to scientific research papers.

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