Annie and I formed a partnership in 2014 to create a revolutionary scent blog called Nez Bar.  Annie’s evocative prose brings the experience of smelling (and tasting) to all of our readers.  We could never have imagined the remarkable response from the perfume and spirits industry as well as non-professional who share our passion for beautiful scented things!

Suzanne Grinberg

Co-Founder, Nez Bar

We love Annie and DiVino! Our last event with Annie was one of our most innovative – an evening of fragrance and wine pairings for the launch of a new Eau d’Italie Fragrance. LAFCO can’t wait to host our next event in the spring of 2011!

Monika Balsamo

PR and Marketing, LAFCO

Annie provides high quality food and wine writing for our series of custom publications created exclusively for high profile chefs including Michael White, Lidia Bastianich, Laurent Tourandel, and David Burke. She has a very effective way of combining her knowledge of wine and how to drink it with an engaging and entertaining voice.

Michael Goldman

Publisher, Haute Life Press

I met Annie first as a sales consultant for Omni Wines. She helped me  to streamline my existing wine list with affordable wines of high quality as well as high-end reserve wines. She trained my staff with approachable expertise and also helped us with a few wine events in-house. Working with DiVino has been a pleasure and I would happily recommend her services!

Riccardo Dardha

Owner, Bread and Tulips Restaurant

Don’t be shy, say hello.




DiVino | The Company

DiVino functions as a CREATIVE AGENCY focusing primarily on the promotion and communication of wine.

As an EDUCATOR it is our mission to provide approachable and engaging instruction at all levels for those interested in expanding their vocabulary and understanding of wine.

As a WRITER and TRANSLATOR, DiVino brings experience and artistry to copy on subjects including food, wine, travel, perfumery, fiction and more.

divino nyc


I moved to New York after nearly a decade in Italy, where I worked as a food and travel writer and consultant. Along the way I completed the rigorous training program at the Italian National Sommelier Association. While in Rome I launched my own wine column in the Rome publication of WHERE magazine, and continue to write about food, wine, and vineyards for a number of publications including Zagat, Insight Guides, Draft magazine, The American, and Haute Life Press.

My travels took me to tiny towns where local food and wine traditions have grown up together, and to vineyards where generations of winemakers have been producing wines not only in accordance with modern day standards, but in line with the explicit style and flavor of the region. I learned that while there are “rules” about what to drink and when, the spirit of wine goes far beyond its scent and flavor profile. Wine embodies place and time, an occasion, and even a feeling.

The owner of my favorite wine bar in Rome used to say that every bottle of wine has a soul inside, a story. Where did the grapes grow? Can you taste the sea breeze that rustles the leaves of the vines? When you open it, smell it, share it with others, engage with it you set it free.

The study of wine is truly multidisciplinary. It comprises history, culture, biology, geology, and chemistry, and in its own way, even composition and poetry. The olfactory sense is our most direct link to the world around us, biologically and emotionally.

When teaching, writing, and hosting events it is my goal to bring people closer to this understanding, and ultimately closer to one another.







Personal Chef

Be Fit Foodies



Art Director




Promotions and Events

Haute Life Press

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