Add professional flavor to your next dinner party, wedding or corporate event. We’ll work closely with your chef to select wines, design and print a custom wine list, and provide elegant wine service. Opening a restaurant or wine bar? We’ll help you streamline your selection and train your staff.
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The figure of a wine sommelier denotes elegance and sophistication. At fine dining establishments, the sommelier offers authority and inspiration to guests as they navigate the wine list.


There’s nothing as special as home-cooked meal: sourced, prepared, and plated with professional flair. We will work with you and your chef to create a complimentary wine list and serve your guests throughout every course. We’ll start with an initial consultation and based on your needs and budget we will select and deliver the wines and even advise you on glassware. Don’t have a personal chef? We can set that up too.


DiVino is available on a consultancy basis to assist restaurant owners at every step of the way, from pre-opening to the planning of special events. We bring more than a decade of experience comprising both the commercial and service sectors of wine. Having spent extensive time abroad in Europe, our founder Annie B. Shapero is well versed on wines from all over the world.

We offer the following services to help your restaurant truly shine.

  • WINE LIST CREATION – New York City wine consumers are diverse and discerning. No one knows that better than we do. Compiling the perfect wine list can daunting, especially with so many options and suppliers. Before you even open the doors, we will work side-by-side with your culinary team to design a wine list that to compliment your menu and offer a variety of wines for every palate and every price point. We’ll help consolidate your ordering, taking into consideration delivery minimums, schedules and fees. We can also advise you on glassware, pour size and pricing.
  • WINE LIST REHAB – Does your list need a facelift? Bring DiVino in to assess your trouble spots. We’ll help you identify gaps in the selection or streamline your existing list to make the most of your budget and highlight your best bottles.


  • STAFF TRAINING – The best wine list in the world is only as good as the men and women serving it. DiVino will whip your staff into shape with tailored training sessions so that they feel comfortable and confident answering questions and serving guests.Train your staff digitally with our virtual services. In the same way we offer virtual wine tasting for individuals and events, we will design and execute a live or pre-recorded wine training.


  • GUEST SOMMELIER FOR SPECIAL EVENTS – Hire DiVino to serve as a sommelier on busy nights, to accompany private parties, or even to curate and lead a multi-course wine dinner. Ticketed special events are a great way to move bottles and offer a special experience to your guests.

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